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Creator & Founder of SEXY DEEP HOUSE.
Brand Ambassador for Sensoria Records, Rio (Brazil)
Paul Williams DJ/Music /Top #3 Chart Position on Mixcloud


Paul Willaims DJ On Mixcloud

Top #3 Chart Position on Mixcloud

After every weekly radio show, I post my mixtapes online so people can listen back to my music/podcast at their leisure.

I use a number of platforms including Mixcloud, SOUNDCLOUD and the Russian platform BANANASTREET.

Mixcloud is probably my favourite as it offers a weekly chart show (Top 100) where you are requested to select up to 5 genres for your music and then based on your total number of plays, likes and reposts you are given a chart position for that mix. I generally pick the genres that best match my style of music, which include #deep house, #nu-disco, #indiedance, #progressivehouse #deep


When one of my recent mixes, Best Deep House & Nu Disco (March 2019) Vol #4 reached Top #3 in the Global Indie Dance Chart I felt a massive sense of achievement, not only for the recognition but for the time and effort that I put into selecting the music every week to play.

Mixcloud Indie Dance Top 3

What I feel very annoying with Mixcloud is that there seems to be too many genres that you can chart for.  I often see other DJs, putting their music in less popular chart sections e.g. #Mash-up to make them appear more successful, which is not a true reflection of their actual success.

Where do DJs get their music from?

Since the revolution of the internet, you no longer have to go down to your local record store or spend ages waiting for a free deck at HMV to listen to the latest vinyl releases.

The ways in which people listen and purchase new music has changed considerably.

Nowadays music is freely available to listen via streaming sites, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc., and you can then go on the major record label portals such as Beatport and Traxsource to purchase your tracks in high quality .mp3 or .wav format.

Check out the Record Label page on my website and listen to the Top 10 Charts FREE before you buy.

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Paul Williams DJ

Written By: Paul Williams DJ

Paul Williams DJ playing a weekly selection of the finest Deep Vocal House, Nu-Disco, Indie Dance and Progressive House Music.Paul Williams DJ is Creator & Founder of SEXY DEEP HOUSE besides this he is also Brand Ambassador for Sensoria Records, Rio (Brazil)

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